Essential Utilities Suppliers

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Essential is a proven leader in providing natural resources that are compliant with all state and federal regulations. We proudly hold ourselves accountable to fair and transparent business practices and strive to operate as a socially responsible corporate citizen. Integrity, respect and excellence are the core values that guide us in all we do. Essential expects our suppliers and contractors to demonstrate the same commitment to these values in all business dealings. We encourage qualified businesses to learn more about opportunities available with our companies.

Aqua America

Aqua is committed to providing quality water and wastewater service, in a manner consistent with applicable standards for public health and environmental quality. Aqua engages in supply chain management practices that support providing materials and services delivered in a timely, quality and cost-effective manner. Learn more

Supplier Diversity

Aqua believes in being good stewards of water and good community partners. We value diversity and inclusion within our workplace and amid our relationships with contractors and suppliers.

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In addition to working with vendors local to the communities we serve, Aqua is committed to increasing work with qualified diverse suppliers, which include minority, women, disabled and veteran companies. Learn more


People's logo

Peoples' Supply Chain Management department is committed to working with companies that demonstrate the best value of goods and services. If you are a producer, supplier, or are involved in natural gas supply, please visit our website to find helpful information about becoming a Peoples vendor. Learn more

Supplier Diversity

Peoples is committed to increasing investments with small businesses owned by minorities, women,individuals with disabilities and veterans. We strongly believe in corporate social responsibility and value different ethnicities, genders, and backgrounds.
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