Essential Earth Day

Essential Earth Day

A month-long celebration of what we do year-round to protect the environment.

Essential Earth Day is a month-long celebration of volunteer events, donations and employee education opportunities across our water and natural gas segments. The activities center around our mission to protect and provide Earth’s most essential resources and improve the communities we serve.

Each April, Essential team members participate in dozens of volunteer events across our footprint in partnership with local environmental organizations. The activities include something for everyone: cleaning up litter from streams, planting trees and gardens, marking storm drains, and enhancing outdoor recreation sites. Essential also hosts several guest speakers to present on environmental topics so team members can take the environmental mission home, and the Essential Foundation awards most of its environmental grants during the initiative.

Earth Day imageEarth Day imageEarth Day image

Earth Day imageEarth Day image

“Earth Day gives all of us at Essential an important moment to reflect on Our Purpose: providing clean, safe and reliable access to natural resources, sustaining the lives of people we serve. It’s appropriate that the holiday closely follows our company’s own anniversary. While we consider every day to be Earth Day at Essential, we now officially celebrate both the holiday and our anniversary the entire month of April.”

-- Essential Utilities Chairman and CEO Christopher H. Franklin.

2024 Results: 1,698 service hours | $650K donated | 545 volunteers 

2024 Impact: 280 bags of litter cleaned | 41,000 trees and wildflowers planted | 180,000 wildflower seeds planted | 425 saplings distributed

2024 Earth Day Infographic

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Thank you to our community partners! If you are interested in partnering with us for Essential Earth Day, please email for more information.