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Brian Dingerdissen

Vice President, Investor Relations and Treasurer, Essential Utilities

Brian Dingerdissen

Brian Dingerdissen was named Vice President, Investor Relations and Treasurer in August 2022. In his role, Dingerdissen is responsible for the company’s financing and cash management activities and relationships with credit agencies in addition to retaining his previous responsibilities for leading the company’s investor relations and ESG programs.

Dingerdissen joined the company in 2005 and assumed leadership of investor relations in 2008. Since then, the company’s market cap has grown from approximately $2B to more than $13B. As the leader of investor relations, Dingerdissen has enhanced the company’s relationships with the investment community and led outreach to communicate with sell-side analysts and institutional and retail investors. In 2019, he led the investor relations efforts for the company’s successful secondary public equity offering of $2 billion to finance the acquisition of Peoples.

As chief of staff, he played a key role in the successful CEO transition at the company in 2015, including the formation and implementation of a new leadership team and growth strategy. Also, while in that role, Dingerdissen was instrumental in helping CEO Chris Franklin ensure and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the company, including managing priorities and decisions while serving as an advisor to the leadership team. Between September 2017 and May 2018, Dingerdissen served as the company’s interim chief human resources officer. In 2019, he initiated the development of the company’s formal ESG program which has been recognized as industry-leading by various third parties. In March 2020, Dingerdissen added communications to his portfolio of responsibilities. As head of communications, he was responsible for the rollout of the company’s name change to Essential Utilities and led the re-organization of the company’s communications team.

Dingerdissen earned his Bachelor of Science degree in finance and his Master of Business Administration from Villanova University. He is currently a board member of the Delaware Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross. He is a former member of the board of directors of the Villanova Executive MBA Alumni and the Philadelphia chapter of the National Investor Relations Institute.